Session « Our common future under climate change » 7-10 juillet 2015 Paris


Climate science in the public sphere: « Media coverage and communication devices analysis for effective policy implementation »

« Our common future under climate change » 7-10 Juillet 2015

Scotto d’Apollonia Lionel (Université Montpellier) – Maugis Pascal (LSCE) – Sylvie Blangy (CEFE CNRS)

Crédit Photo GIEC

How does climate science knowledge circulate in the public spheres, both national and transnational? Addressing this core issue, the session has two main parts. The first section draws on comparative media research, presenting an empirically grounded global overview of the diversity of media interpretations of scientific knowledge of IPCC AR5 during 2013 and 2014. It will also discuss the complex social logics that explain some of the main differences and similarities of media coverage of climate science in 20 countries, looking at what kind of scientific knowledge is favoured by journalists and how IPCC’s results are locally interpreted in media systems that are still largely nationally grounded. Such social scientific understanding of the dynamics of this landscape is a necessary step for climate scientists on the road towards more effective climate communication.

The second part presents a variety of experimental and original ways to implement society-science dialogue, either to upgrade low-carbon projects or to raise citizen awareness and action. Presentations will demonstrate devices elaborated to ease relations between stakeholders, citizens and climate scientists when it comes to shape a common future in response to the “dangers” of climate change. How does knowledge circulate and how do citizens with a variety of social backgrounds appropriate climate related knowledge? What roles do experts play against citizens? Based on research action experiences in different socio-historical contexts, presentations will also question the “cultural” dimensions of this social-science dialogue needed to collectively build low-carbon societies.


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